If you are a parent or responsible for a child in your life, we are glad you are looking for resources to support you and your family.  We want to provide you with appropriate resources on child development, social emotional learning, and connections to ongoing supports.  We will keep this page updated with resources to help you and your family learn and grow.

Resources| Search our database for information on healthy child development, ideas for activities at every stage, local community resources, and more!

Developmental Screening | Assess the child’s progress toward important developmental milestones! These screenings include activities that make test-taking kid-friendly and fun.

Contact a Family Support Specialist  Our Family Support Specialists s are friendly and informed, ready to answer any questions that you may have as the child develops!

Have Some Fun! | Encourage development during playtime with the fun activity ideas provided by ZERO to THREE’s Let’s Play! app.

Track Their Progress | Keep track of your child’s developmental milestones with checklists, illustrations, photos and videos! Try the CDC’s Milestone Tracker app.

Not sure where to start? The developmental screening is an important first step toward understanding which milestones your child has met and where they have opportunities to grow! Learn more:

Developmental Screening

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